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Have you ever been sitting at home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon wanting to run out to a local coffee shop, but you don’t know what’s still open at odd hours? Worse yet, you know they are open, but you don’t know how much longer you have until they close. “No worries!” you say to yourself, and head out anyway, only to bounce between three different coffee shops to find out that each one was closed or is about to close in 30 minutes!

Eventually, you land in your car, frustrated, and little annoyed. You sit there scrolling through Google trying to compare ten different coffee shops and how their hours differ, only to end up fighting for a table at The Bitter End because you know that’s the only coffee shop in all of Grand Rapids that’s open 24/7.

Maybe you’re not too concerned about the weekend hours, but you are concerned about finding someplace to brew you that late night Americano. You’re not ready to call it quits for the day yet. Your problem, however, is that you don’t have any idea what’s still open after 6:00pm. Well, fellow coffee patron, look no further because we understand the frustration and struggle of trying to juggle the hours of ten different coffee shops in your head.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 13 of the best coffee shops in the greater Grand Rapids area. This blessed manuscript of caffeination includes the address of each shop, their hours of operation, and their website all in one easy to navigate document. Additionally, each coffee shop has a calendar and/or moon icon beside the name signifying if they are open all weekend or if they’re open late.

It’s our hope here at Blu House that the mug never runs dry, and the beans are always freshly ground. Cheers to productive weekends and many late nights.

The manuscript:

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