Seller Tips

Seller Tips

A very important part of selling your home is to correctly price your home. In order to do this you must keep in mind the current market conditions. If you price your home too high your home will not sell, especially in a competitive market. Unfortunately, in a tough market your appraisal from a year or so ago may not accurately portray what your home is worth when the market is down. A good agent will be able to provide a CMA or competitive market analysis on your home to justify a reasonable price.

The MLS is a cooperation of brokers to display each others listings. This helps maximize the exposure to buyer agents who are working with potential buyers for your home.

A home that is cluttered or messy makes it impossible for a client to visualize living in the home. Get rid of as many of your personal items as possible including photos and nick-knacks to make the home feel open and inviting. Open windows and blinds; remove things from countertops, and flat surfaces. And most important…your home should sparkle. Buyers like to know that the home that they are going to buy has been well taken care of.

Curb appeal is all about first impression, you only get one! Good curb appeal is critical because many potential buyers will drive past your home first before scheduling a showing. If your yard is overgrown, paint is chipping on the front door, the potential buyer may rule out your home before even getting inside.

Buyer agents will be setting up private showings to walk their clients through
your home. It is important to keep it neat and clean throughout this process. Being flexible is good to get as many people through as we can. However, you have the choice to decline showings that don’t fit your schedule.

A buyers agent will write up a potential buyers offer and then present their offer to your agent. The listing agent will then evaluate and present the offer to the seller.

When both parties agree to terms and the contract is executed with
signatures we begin our ‘Contract to Close’ stage. From here buyers will
work on their contingencies.

Each contract has a different set of contingencies. Inspections, appraisal, and financing are three of the most common. As we progress through the deal and contingencies are met they are removed from the contract.

After the final inspection and contingency is removed we connect the
buyer, seller, lender, and title companies to schedule the final closing for
all parties.

 9 Additional Seller Tips

  1. Exterior Repairs – Anything necessary that is obvious from the ground.
  2. Yard Maintenance – Clean up yard, trim bushes, make presentable.
  3. Painting – Touch up trim and walls where needed on the exterior and interior.
  4. Carpets – Shampoo or spot treat rugs and carpet.
  5. Remove Clutter – Keep basement, garage, and home as clutter free as possible.
  6. Color Scheme – Keep colors neutral and modern.
  7. Home Inspections – Have your home inspected professionally to prepare you for what buyers will find out later.
  8. Survey – Have a recent survey available.
  9. Shutters and Polish – Polish any brass on or surrounding the front door, and consider putting up shutters if they aren’t already up.


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