Every 25 Year Old In America Should See This Chart

Today, it’s increasingly become the responsibility of the worker to put money away for retirement in the form of a 401(k) plan or an IRA — that is, a defined contribution plan. Full article and a larger version of the graph are here.

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Did You Know These 29 Things About Grand Rapids?


Grand Rapids, MI has so much to offer it’s amazing. Luckily for us movoto.com put together a list of 29 things people should know about Grand Rapids before you move here. Below is a list of a few of our favorites. You can check out the full list here. 6. It’s The Hot Dog Place…

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?


AllWomensTalk.com has a great article out highlighting 7 things you should consider if you’re thinking about paying off your mortgage early. While they’re all good, number 3 really stuck out to us. Number 3 is “What does your retirement look like?” and it’s a great question. Just because you can pay off your mortgage early,…

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How To Vet A Real Estate Agent

how to vet a real estate agent

Forbes recently released are article titled “How To Vet A Real Estate Agent – 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring”. Ryan Ogle, the owner of Blu House Properties decided to answer them for you.

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Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Here is a great infograph from activerain showing some of the biggest mistakes sellers make. Data provided by ActiveRain.com. ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.

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10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Tips To Sell Your Home

PRICE: A very important part of selling your home is to correctly price it before listing. In order to do this, you must keep in mind the current market conditions. If you price your home too high, your home will not get showings or offers, especially in a competitive market. Unfortunately, in a tough market…

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