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Great Eats

East Hills: A Neighborhood Guide

While most people consider Eastown to be Grand Rapids’ quirkiest and hippest neighborhood, an area just west has been slowly gaining traction as the city’s coolest neighborhood. Join Blu House Properties as we explore Grand Rapids’ coolest neighborhood: East Hills.   While East Hills doesn’t have the notoriety that Eastown does, it definitely has boundaries…

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Beer City, USA

Haven’t you heard? There is some fierce competition for who puts together the best concoction of hops, malt, yeast and fermentation. With over 50 breweries in the metropolitan area, Grand Rapids has definitely earned its reputation and title as Beer City, USA. We believe this title should be Beer Region, USA. West Michigan arguably has…

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Downtown Market – Grand Rapids

Want to eat some tacos, barbecue, pho, ice cream, sushi and pizza in one afternoon? Good news: you don’t have to drive all over town to sample these dishes–they are all in one spot; Grand Rapids’ Downtown Market. Walk, run, bike or drive with us as we eat our way through Grand Rapids’ very own…

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10 Favorite Breakfast Places In Grand Rapids

10 FAVORITE BREAKFAST PLACES IN GRAND RAPIDS Written by Ryan Ogle Fried. Buttered. Crispy. Smoky. Stuffed. Greasy. Filling. These are some of the words we look for in a breakfast. Maybe we need some sustenance to nourish us from last night’s adventures. Maybe we are looking to take friends from out-of-town to our favorite place.…

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5 Great Farm to Table Restaurants in Grand Rapids

It should be refreshing to know that there are restaurants out there that work directly with local farmers to produce quality meals at an affordable price. The farm to table movement is much needed in today’s fast-paced, always growing, always moving world. Grand Rapids is lucky to have some great places to eat that embrace…

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