Best Restaurants For Foodies in Grand Rapids

Best Restaurants For Foodies in Grand Rapids

Looking for the hottest restaurants in the city? Looking to sample some unique flavor profiles and sample a nice glass of wine? Look no further than these restaurants to give you the full food and drink experience. Come eat with us and sample some of what is contributing to Grand Rapids’ title as a foodie destination. You’re going to love our list of best restaurants for foodies in Grand Rapids, we guarantee it!

Best Restaurants For Foodies in Grand Rapids

SAN CHEZ – 38 Fulton Street W (Downtown)

A long-time favorite of many Grand Rapidians, San Chez is where many of us found out what tapas actually are. Start off with the Bread Course, which is a miniature whole wheat loaf of warm bread served with garlicky and fresh salsa verde, then proceed to a number of different tapas. Some of our favorites include the Patatas Bravas (seasoned fried potatoes with an aioli and smoked tomato sauce), the Fritos De Queso Azul (deep-fried blue cheese fritters served with a red pepper aioli) and the Tostones Fritos (fried plantains served with avocados and jalapeno honey). Frequent visitors to San Chez also rave about the four different types of paella they serve, which takes around 45 minutes to serve, so you know it is good. Pair your meal with a nice, dark Spanish Rioja and you are off to a good night.

GREEN WELL – 924 Cherry Street SE (East Hills)

This restaurant gave Grand Rapids one of its first tastes of a gastropub and has proven to be immensely successful ever since. We recommend you start off with the Pig & Fig (pork belly, figs, almonds, harissa, and onions) and the Truffle Fries (crispy fries tossed in white truffle oil and served with garlic aioli). After finishing the two appetizers, we recommend you choose from one of the following: the Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich (smoked beef brisket topped with pimento cheese, jalapeno, red onion and steak sauce aioli), the BBQ Pork & Polenta (BBQ pork with sweet corn, sausage, spinach and onions on top of creamy polenta), or the Green Well Double Burger (two beef patties with gouda, lettuce, onion, pickles and a tomato-bacon aioli). In addition to melt-in-your-mouth food, Green Well features many drink options, including 20 beers on tap.

GROVE – 919 Cherry Street SE (East Hills)

Located just down the street from Green Well, Grove is a foodie’s dream. A dream where you splurge and get a four-course meal and drinks. For the first course, we suggest the Pork Belly Corn Dog with peppers, onion, celery, jalapeno, mustard, potato chips and poppy seeds. For the second course, we suggest the Crab Churro with lemon, peppers, onion, cabbage, queso fresco and a cream cheese remoulade. For the main course, we recommend the Pork Short Rib served over pureed purple potatoes, carrots, BBQ chips and topped with a jus. You didn’t think we were done, did you? Dessert just may be the star here. We suggest either the Salted Dark Chocolate Fudge (brown butter, challah, bourbon, creme fraiche and peanut) or the Dilley’s Favorite Butterscotch Pudding (salted caramel, whipped cream, and oatmeal shortbread). In addition to the food, Grove offers a wide selection of old and new world white and red wines by the bottle and glass.

THE ELECTRIC CHEETAH – 1015 Wealthy Street (East Hills)

This quirky and kitschy restaurant has been serving up some unique concoctions for several years now and remains super-popular. Just as the Electric Cheetah is known for their food, they are also known for their food names, such as The Great Cornholio (fried kielbasa bites battered with cornmeal and topped with sambal sauce, mustard and scallions), the Porker in a Pot (seven-cheese macaroni with pork and jalapenos, topped with jalapeno BBQ sauce) and the Orgullocida (Cuban pulled pork in a citrus sauce with black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos and red peppers served with rice, lime, and bread). Whatever wacky dish you choose, make sure and order the fresh-baked cookies and cold milk for dessert.

THE WINCHESTER – 648 Wealthy Street SE (Cherry Hill)

It seems Wealthy and Cherry streets have some of the best restaurants for foodies. Rounding out our list, The Winchester serves up another round of gastropub fare to Grand Rapids. We suggest you start with the Moroccan Chicken Wings (wings coated in Moroccan spice, pink peppercorn BBQ and served with buttermilk tarragon dressing and celery). After finishing the wings, try out the sandwich that is sweeping the nation: The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, which features a spicy fried chicken breast with mayo, lettuce and pickle slaw on top of a bakery bun. We recommend pairing the sandwich with the Pear and Bleu Salad, which features romaine lettuce, pear wedges, bleu cheese, bacon, walnuts and butternut squash tossed in a bleu cheese vinaigrette.

What do you think about our list for best restaurants for foodies in Grand Rapids? What are some of your favorite dishes at the restaurants we have selected? Please let us know!

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