Amber Terrace Condominiums

You requested for a condo that offers the lifestyle you deserve – and here we are with a well-maintained condo with beautiful gardens, beautiful landscape, and surrounded by matured trees. You’ll have access to a full bathroom and master bedroom on the main floor. And on the daylight lower floor an additional full bath and bedroom. These condos are affordable, and they are well stationed to all the amenities that would make your living super comfortable. To spice it up, it has a big garage for housing your car anytime. Amber Terrace Condos are located in Byron Center.

Byron Center is an unincorporated community in Kent Country in the USA, Michigan state. There are approximately 6000 people living in it. The town is about 14 miles south- southwest of Grand Rapids.

For more information on this beautiful condo, please forward your inquiries to us, and we’ll immediately attend to them as soon as possible.

Amber Terrace Condominiums | Byron Center

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