6 Staging Pitfalls To Avoid

6 staging pitfalls to avoid

6 staging pitfalls to avoid

1. How Much Color?

When staging adding a bit of color can really help, especially for the photos and first impressions.  It’s important to not go overboard though.

2. What’s That Smell?

Strong smells good and bad can be a really bad turn off.  The overpowering smell of potpourri or air fresheners can be just as big of a turn off as smoke or cat pee.

3.  Do You Hear That?

Music seems like a great idea, but can also be a turn off for some buyers.  Remember everyone has different musical tastes along with good and bad memories associated with them.

4.  Who’s Furniture Is This?

In a lot of cases sellers will move out before selling their home and they take all their good furniture with them leaving things they don’t like anymore or even worse they bring in whatever furniture they could find/borrow.  Consider leaving your nice furniture until the home sells.  While it’s a bit of an inconvenience, in most cases it will help the home sell faster.

5. Should I Update That?

It’s easy to assume what updates are worth doing before moving, but it’s best to let the professionals decide.  Your real estate agent will be able to let you know which updates / renovations are worth doing which will save you money and also get you more for your home.

6. Does This Room Look Cluttered?

There is a difference between removing clutter and moving clutter.  Decluttering really is about removing items from your home.  Again, your real estate agent will be a great help in this area.

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