Seller Tips

Seller Tips


A very important part of selling your home is to correctly price your home. In order to do this you must keep in mind the current market conditions. If you price your home too high your home will not sell, especially in a competitive market. Unfortunately, in a tough market your appraisal from a year or so ago may not accurately portray what your home is worth when the market is down. A good agent will be able to provide a CMA or competitive market analysis on your home to justify a reasonable price.


It is important to work with an agent who is a member of the local Realtor board. All agents will look first for their buyer clients on the MLS for new listings in the area that fit their client’s criteria. Make sure that you are using an agent that puts detailed descriptions and good pictures on the MLS so that your home will stand out to potential buyers.


A home that is cluttered or messy makes it impossible for a client to visualize living in the home. Get rid of as many of your personal items as possible including photos and nick-knacks to make the home feel open and inviting. Open windows and blinds; remove things from countertops, and flat surfaces. And most important…your home should sparkle. Buyers like to know that the home that they are going to buy has been well taken care of.


Good curb appeal is critical because many potential buyers will drive past your home first before scheduling a showing. If your yard is overgrown, paint is chipping on the front door, the potential buyer may rule out your home before even getting inside. Plant flowers, put up a new mailbox that is not rusted and water your lawn to draw the buyer inside your home when they drive by.


A home needs showings in order to sell. Be flexible with showings, meaning some people may want to see your home on a short notice. If at all possible try and keep your home neat and clean for short notice showings. In this market you don’t want to turn away a potential showing. If you are not getting showings and people are not calling on your home you must go back to the drawing board and try and figure out why your home is not producing calls. First look at your price, is it priced accurately? Are you offering good enough terms or incentives? Is your home neat and clean for showings?


It is important that the buyer is able to remember your home. Your house must stand out from the rest in order to catch a buyer’s attention. A good agent will create a good brochure. The brochure he or she has picked up in your home will help the client remember. Also remember that when you have a showing at your home to make sure that your home is well put-together. Highlight the unique features of you home and create a relaxing ambience for the people who view your home.


When you receive a written offer, your home is almost sold: At this point most buyers have decided your home is the one. However, many people will have a second choice. Especially in a market where there are a lot of homes out there you must keep in mind that your house is one of many the buyer may be happy settling on. Also, be prepared for low offers or buyers requesting money for closing costs. Don’t let this discourage you. Your agent will be able to provide you with the best advice on how to proceed, whether you should take the offer or counter.


Assuming you have a serious buyer you will come to an agreement. Buyers can be hard to come by, so again, try and keep a buyer interested and do not turn them away too quickly. Be patient and make sure that you review all offers and counter offers with your agent.


Even after you have a signed agreement there is a possibility that you could run into problems. Some of those problems include lack of loan approval for the buyer or lower than expected appraisals. Do not be too discouraged though often times this can be resolved with a good agent.


These are the final steps to selling your home. Some buyers reserve the right to have a home inspection done on your home. Most of the time an inspector will only find minor things wrong. Be prepared to fix some of those small things or have money escrowed for the seller to repair the items after close. Unless the buyer is being unreasonable those small repairs may be the best way to get the sale closed so that you can move on to whatever the future holds.


9 Additional Seller Tips

  1. Exterior Repairs – Anything necessary that is obvious from the ground.
  2. Yard Maintenance – Clean up yard, trim bushes, make presentable.
  3. Painting – Touch up trim and walls where needed on the exterior and interior.
  4. Carpets – Shampoo or spot treat rugs and carpet.
  5. Remove Clutter – Keep basement, garage, and home as clutter free as possible.
  6. Color Scheme – Keep colors neutral and modern.
  7. Home Inspections – Have your home inspected professionally to prepare you for what buyers will find out later.
  8. Survey – Have a recent survey available.
  9. Shutters and Polish – Polish any brass on or surrounding the front door, and consider putting up shutters if they aren’t already up.
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