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Find your favorite condo developments in West Michigan in this all inclusive list.

Amber Terrace Condominiums

You requested for a condo that offers the lifestyle you deserve – and here we are with a well-maintained condo with beautiful gardens, beautiful landscape, and surrounded by matured trees. You’ll have access to a full bathroom and master bedroom on the main floor. And on the daylight lower floor an additional full bath and […]

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230 Fulton

Just what you’ve been expecting. This perfect condominium, with over 11,000 square feet of space, offers a combination of entertainment, living, and a workspace. From the moment you step in, you’ll begin to feel secure and excited. This condo affords you the opportunity of living in luxury and comfort. From the full wing of the […]

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Amber Farms Condominiums

Amber Farms condo clearly ticks all the options of your comfortable living.The convenience of a luxury living in a serene, peaceful environment and situated in a central location are the few of the many advantages of living in this condo. Right from the time you step in, you’ll begin to enjoy the luxury that is […]

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Anderson Woods

Anderson Woods is a modern gated community in the area of Cascade. Closer to this lovely home are a community pool, over 40 acres of open space, award-winning Forest Hills Central School, a soccer field, a tennis court—all, and much more, to make your stay comfortable and conducive. Anderson Wood is situated close to restaurants, […]

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43 North

43 North offers a one-of-a-kind experience. This apartment provides you with a broad range of amenities that you can only find in the Queen’s palace. Some of them are the grilling station, outdoor pool, clubroom with fireplace, clubhouse with gourmet, state-of-the-art fitness center, WIFI, and a lot more. Built with luxury, the apartment has a […]

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Applewood Condominiums

Applewood condos are conveniently located to schools and shopping malls. This beautiful condo is just some minute drive from Celebration Cinema and Village and it’s some minute drive from downtown Grand Rapids. These condos are well-maintained, surrounded with matured trees, and it is situated in the most peaceful environment. One significant advantage of these condos […]

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